Daisy Makes

Custom Multi-Popper


Need a certain shape for your cake pops that we don't already have? Not a problem! You can tell us what shape you need below, and we can make a multi popper set for you.

Translating shapes to cutters sometimes requires modification to the requested shape, especially with multi poppers. If this is the case, we will reach out with suggestions. We reserve the right to refuse requests that could be offensive or infringe on copyright. Custom poppers are not exclusive and may added to our product catalog.

Pop with speed and precision using the Daisy Makes Popper system. Portion and shape your rolled dough with the cutter, easily remove your shape with the matching popper, and line up your pops in the tray for easy sticking.

Choose the size that fits your needs—small, medium, large, or extra large. Check out our portioning chart to confirm you pick the best one for you.


Dough Depth (Inches)

Small Medium Large Extra Large

1/2 in

0.4 oz

0.6 oz 0.8 oz 1 oz

5/8 in

0.5 oz

0.8 oz 1.0 oz 1.3 oz

3/4 in

0.6 oz

0.9 oz 1.2 oz 1.5 oz

7/8 in

0.7 oz

1.0 oz 1.4 oz 1.8 oz
1 in 0.8 oz 1.2 oz 1.6 oz 2.0 oz

 Disc Pop Portioning by Popper Size (Approx. Ounces)

  • Wash using a bristle brush with dish soap and lukewarm water followed by thoroughly rinsing.
  • Dry immediately after washing.
  • To sterilize, mix one Steramine tablet according to the manufacturer's instructions and submerge the tools briefly—no more than 10 minutes.
  • Do not expose to heat, UV, or put in the dishwasher.

PLA+ is a plant-based polymer that is biodegradable and more durable compared to regular PLA.

We use food safe filament for all of our product that come directly in contact with food.

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