The Daisy Makes Story

We’re so glad you’ve popped over to Daisy Makes! We are a husband wife duo named Nate and Amy Mucha. Nate is the 3D printing guru around here, and Amy is the one that thinks of all the cake pop making problems for him to solve. We have three kids named Peter, Charlie, and Daisy (the company namesake—and no, the boys are not bitter that it's named after Daisy!).

Nate is also the owner of Each+Every, the full service design and development studio that makes Daisy Makes look so good. And Amy is the owner of Daisy Pops, a cake pop bakery in Kent, OH. The cake poperation started from our home in 2018, and has since expanded into a commercial bakery where a team of pop artists pumps out about 3,000 cake pops a week. Due to the volume of cake pops, we knew we needed a more efficient and consistent way to make them—so we switched to disc pops. In this method of cake popping, you roll out your dough, then cut it out into whatever shape you’d like. In order to make our pops a consistent size, Nate began 3D printing our cutters to our exact specifications. From there we then continued to make our pop processes even better by adding new innovative products (poppers, trays, stands, multi-poppers, etc.). 

Once other pop artists began asking if we were selling these products, we immediately made the decision that instead of gatekeeping our methods, we would love to share the knowledge and products with the cake popping world! So Daisy Makes was officially started in October of 2023, and we’ve been busy 3D printing ever since.