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Cake Pop Cake Bases

Tier Size

If you’ve ever tried to make a Cake Pop Cake without our cake bases, they are TOUGH. But our 3D printed bases make your life a lot easier by taking out any guess work! Here is a tutorial video on how to use our Cake Pop Cake Bases.

Your purchase includes:

  • However many cake pop base layers in each size you order (we suggest getting at least two of the same size so that it stacks like a layer cake):

    • Small: 12 pops

    • Medium: 18 pops

    • Large: 24 pops

    • Extra Large: 30 pops

  • Joining rings to keep your layers locked together

  • Cake topper disc to make the top look nice and neat.

We HIGHLY suggest using our Disc Pop Kit to make these and using the Small Circle Cutter/Pusher (1.25 inch diameter). You will need to cut your cake pop sticks down to fit into the smaller base sizes, and we recommend lineman pliers or a super sharp pair of scissors for the job.


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